Bamboo Plywood - Vertical Grain

bamboo plywood vertical grain
bamboo plywood carbonized

Bamboo is used in furniture, flooring and cabinet-making and has become a very popular building product. Its color and texture complements many types of interior design and this environmentally friendly building material is a perfect choice as a high-end architectural element. Bamboo plywood is a durable and attractive building material.

Bamboo is a grass--not a wood. It has an extensive root system and replenishes itself like grass. Some bamboo grows as much as 24 inches in 24 hours.

Bamboo plywood comes in two grains and two colors. Vertical grain comes as natural bamboo panels and carbonized. Carbonized bamboo gets its color from a steam pressure treatment.


Natural Bamboo - Vertical Grain  

Carbonized Bamboo - Vertical Grain

Bamboo Plywood - Horizontal Grain

Bamboo Plywood Sizes

1/4" 4'X 8' 3-ply

1/2" 4'X 8' 1-ply & 3-ply

3/4" 4'X 8' 1-ply & 3-ply