Bamboo Plywood - Natural

bamboo plywood vertical grain
bamboo panels

Bamboo plywood--vertical grain--is made of solid bamboo strips laid on their edges and laminated with flat faces together. It has fast become a popular building material for shelving, cabinetry, desks, countertops, furniture, cutting boards and much more.

Horizontal grain bamboo plywood is made in various thicknesses as either 1-ply or 3-ply. Bamboo strips are laminated edge to edge with the wider faces up to form the surface. This method of production shows the “knuckles” characteristic in a bamboo stalk.

Bamboo plywood is stiffer and stronger than other plywood and is actually not wood at all...but a grass. It acts just like wood when cutting, sanding, and staining.

A renewable product that is sustainably harvested, Bamboo plywood is non-toxic with very low levels of formaldehyde.


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Bamboo Plywood Sizes

1/4" 4'X 8' 3-ply

1/2" 4'X 8' 1-ply & 3-ply

3/4" 4'X 8' 1-ply & 3-ply